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Tulare County Cabrillo Club #12
President: Louie Martin
1st Vice-President: John Tamariz
2nd Vice President: Greg Borba
Secretary: Mary Martin
Treasurer: Cheryl Borba
Marshal: Anthony Rocha

Home Club of Past State Presidents:
Manuel Rocha, 1953 *
Anthony V. Cardoza, 1955 *
John J. Cardoza, 1977 *
Richard Borges, 2002 *
  Neil Anderson, 1992
  John Tamariz, 2007
  Nelson Parreira, 2012
  Cheryl Borba, 2015
  Louie Martin, 2016
* Denotes deceased

2020 State Officers

Richard Castro
San Diego#16

1st Vice President
Mike McCoy
Sacramento #5

2nd Vice President
Janet McKay
Sacramento #5

Jacqui Austin
San Diego #16

Mary Tamariz
Tulare #12

Cheryl Borba
Tulare #12

Brian Sampson
San Diego #16

Standing Committee Chairpersons

Rosemarie Dutra Huggins
Kings #9

Cabrillo Day North
Janet McKay
Sacramento #5

Cabrillo Day Central
Susie Borges
Tulare #12

Cabrillo Day South
Gayle Frank
San Diego #16

Cabrillo Tips
Jacqui Austin
San Diego #16

Board Meeting Notifications:


Convention Minutes Summary:

JANUARY 11 & 12, 2020

The 85th Annual Session of the State Council Cabrillo Civic Clubs of California, Inc. was called to order Saturday January 11, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. by State 1st Vice President Richard Castro at Crowne Plaza in San Diego.

State Marshal Brian Sampson led the Pledge of Allegiance which was immediately followed by a moment of silence for ill and deceased members. 2016 Cabrillo Festival Queen and Recording Artist Brielle Mussomeli sang the national anthems of the United States and Portugal.

Rick Borges offered the Invocation.

Donald Valadao, who has portrayed Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho for 25 years, welcomed all in attendance and gave a brief history of Cabrillo.

State Secretary Jacqui Austin conducted roll reflecting 58 voting members present.

Host City President Sharon May welcomed all in attendance and wished everyone well during the weekend events.

State 1st Vice President Richard Castro recognized all Subordinate Club Presidents or their representatives who were present.

The Credentials Committee reported concurrence with the State Secretary’s roll call of 58 voting members present.

State Secretary Jacqui Austin read the minutes of the 84th Annual Session, which were approved as read and all correspondence was presented.

State Treasurer Mary Tamariz presented the Treasurer’s report which was approved as presented and reviewed the 2020 proposed budget.

District Governor, State Director and State Officer reports were given.


✓ April 2020 State Board meeting & Scholarship Screening by Tulare #12, April 24 & 25 at Lamp Liter Inn in Visalia
✓ October 2020 State Board meeting San Diego #16, October 10 at Fugazzi’s Restaurant in Tulare
✓ 86th Annual Session by Sacramento #5, January 15-17, at Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento
✓ Prep work ongoing on PSP President’s Books for Captain Fred Groh, Richard Borges and Marilyn Borges Sampson for archival at UOP
✓ Paperwork in order to proceed with dissolution of Fresno #10
✓ Paperwork in progress relative to dissolution of Alameda #11


Americanization Rosemarie Dutra Huggins participation in flying the American flag, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day festivities and wounded warrior and military serving overseas programs
Cabrillo Day North Janet McKay events planned for September, 2020
Cabrillo Day Central Susie Borges Cabrillo Day at the Races held in October at the Big Fresno Fair
Cabrillo Day South Louise Motta Cabrillo Festival to be held September 25th and 26th, 2020 in San Diego
Civic Affairs Rachel Tatro 79,412 ¼ volunteer hours & $73,013.93 to 128 charities with 513 offices held by Cabrillians
Constitution & Guidelines John Tamariz proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to be presented
Convention Barbara Hosaka welcomed all in attendance and reviewed the weekend schedule
Finance and Audit Barbara Hosaka all reports are in order and in balance
Liability Insurance Gene Santos 2 requests for information were processed
Membership John Tamariz totals submitted to State Secretary
Publicity Cheryl Borba 5 Publicity books submitted
Scholarship Breck Austin sufficient funds to award 121 scholarships
State Organizer North Manuel Drumonde no report
State Organizer South Richard Motta no new activity to report
Youth Roni Madruga reported varying levels of youth participation at the Subordinate Club level
Portuguese Immigrant Week Manuel and Celeste Drumonde no report
Web Page Coordinator John Tamariz website up to the date, welcomed recommendations


✓ Approve the agenda as presented
✓ Accept the Credentials Committee report
✓ Seat the delegates
✓ Transfer 2019 October State Board meeting net profit of $678.54 to the State Scholarship fund, with one scholarship to be distributed in 2020
✓ Fresno #10 Charter be given to the John & Mary Costa Family
✓ Fresno #10 Resolution be given to Sacramento #5 for display at the Cabrillo Clubhouse
✓ Amend Article IV, Section 4
✓ Amend Article IX, Section 4
✓ State Council and Host Club share cost of audio visual equipment necessary for State Council meetings
✓ 2020 Liability Insurance Chairperson proceed with 2020/21 liability insurance policy renewal
✓ Outline Fresno #10 remaining Scholarship balance distribution schedule for upcoming years
✓ Award 121 Scholarships in 2020
✓ Approve 2020 budget
✓ Cast unanimous ballot for all unopposed offices.

The following awards were presented at the Saturday evening awards banquet:

1st: San Diego #16
2nd: Tulare #12
3rd: Yolo #26

1st: San Diego #16
2nd: Tulare #12
3rd: Kings #9
1st: San Diego #16
2nd: Yolo #26
3rd: Sacramento #5
3rd: Tulare #12
1st: Tulare #12
2nd: Yolo #26
3rd: Kings #9
1st: Tulare #12
2nd: San Diego #16
3rd: Sacramento #5
1st: San Diego #16
2nd: Tulare #12
3rd: Yolo #26

Report of Past State Presidents and Spouses Joanne Cabral submitted $285.00 to the PSP/PSS Scholarship fund, recommend 2 PSP/PSS scholarships for 2020, with one in memory of PSP Robert Lawrence

2020 State Officers elected as follows: President Richard Castro, 1st Vice President Mike McCoy, 2nd Vice President Janet McKay, Secretary Jacqui Austin, Treasurer Mary Tamariz, Historian Cheryl Borba and Marshal Brian Sampson

Good of the Club many congratulatory comments and thanks to State President Elizabeth Castro Kemper and San Diego #16.

Installation Luncheon held with State Officers, District Governors, State Directors and Alternate State Directors installed by Installing Officer PSP Gene Santos with Installing Marshals Donald & Dinisa Valadao

Newly elected State President Richard Castro announced his 2020 Standing and Special Committee Chairpersons and adjourned the meeting at 1:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jacqueline M. Austin
State Secretary


Standing Committee

Civic Affairs
Rachel Tatro
Sacramento #5

Constitution and By-laws
Standard Rules & Guidelines
John Tamariz
Tulare #12

Scott Costa
Sacramento #5

Finance & Audit
Barbara Hosaka
San Diego #16

Liability Insurance
Gene Santos
San Diego #16

John Tamariz
Tulare #12

Scholarship & Portuguese Education
Breck Austin
San Diego#16

State Organizer North
Ken Costa
Sacramento #5

State Organizer South
Sharon May
San Diego #16

Youth Program
Roni Madruga
San Diego #16

Special Committee Chairpersons

Portuguese Immigrant Week
Jackie Flynn

Web Page Coordinator
John Tamariz
Tulare #12

The following is a translation of a notice of the death of Cabrillo Civic Clubs founder, Mr. Manuel Reis, published in the Portuguese newspaper,
"The Tribune," from San Jose, dated April 1, 2003, and translated by Louise English, member of Cabrillo Club #24 of Santa Cruz.

Nearing the age of 102 years, Mr. Manuel Gomes da0 Silva Reis passed away. During the span of many years, he was the greatest Portuguese leader ever in California. Manuel Reis was born in Tomar, Portugal, on April 17, 1901, and after a stay in Africa, he came to Oakland in 1925, to join his brother, the distinguished physician, Dr. Abilio Reis, and to be a student. His first position was as Chancellor of the Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco; then, he worked for many years at the Carvalho Travel Agency in San Francisco. Mr. Reis joined the Benevolent Society, called APPB, on September 17, 1927, was named to the Fiscal Committee in August of 1929, and served as Treasurer of the Society from 1929 to 1933, when the Secretary, Mr. Figueiredo died unexpectedly on June 14, 1933. He was named as his interim substitute until the Annual Congress, in August, named him Secretary, a position which he held until August of 1948. In 1948, a change was made in the name of the Society, to the Benevolent Society of California, and with the restructuring of its Administration, he was elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer, which he held until July 1, 1957. Then, this Society joined the Portuguese Continental Union of the State of California, taking the name of United National Life Insurance Society/Luso-American Fraternal Federation, for which he worked tirelessly until his retirement in 1988, at the age of 87. In the meantime, he was a member and founder of the Cabrillo Civic Clubs of California in February 1935, serving as its State President from 1939 to 1940, remaining a leader in this civic organization for more than 20 years. He also organized the Scholarship Program of the Cabrillo Clubs, having served as its first Scholarship Chairman. Due to his great interest in education, he established, in 1957, the Committee of Education of the Luso-American Education Foundation, which he served as its Vice-President, President, and Chairman of the Board, for many years. Because of his civic activities, in San Francisco, he was named a member of the "Nationalities Group," where he served from 1935 to 1950. This group organized great patriotic activities during World War II. Manuel Reis also took a very active part in the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and was proud to be a member of the prestigious Commonwealth Club of California. In 1955, he was honored with an award by the President of the Portuguese Republic and presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal. Later, he received another award, and lastly, in 1990, he was given one more award presented by President Mario Soares of Portugal, himself. In 1967, the State of California presented him with a Resolution of Commendation, approved by the State Assembly, for the relevant services given to the State of California. Mr. Reis married Henrietta Reis in 1933, who passed away in 1987 after 58 years of marriage. The writer of this article, Rodrigo Alvernaz, says that he had the pleasure of knowing Manuel Reis for the last 48 years, having worked for him and with him for over 30 years. He says that he was the person whom he most respected, and was for him, a true "role model" to whom he honors his memory with this tribute. May God rest his soul, as we extend our most sincere condolences to his niece, Maria Gomes, the only relative that survived him in the United States.

(signed) Rodrigo Alvernaz

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