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What Cabrillo Civic Clubs Accomplish
Pride in Heritage Strong Scholarship Program

An opportunity to meet others and share in their rich Portuguese culture.

  • Monthly activities that enrich traditions
  • Celebrations - Festas - Cabrillo Festival
  • A strong camaraderie and good fellowship
Each year approximately 200 high school seniors of Portuguese descent apply for a $500 scholarship. 116 scholarships will be awarded this year.
Pride in Education Americanization
A strong scholarship program is in place statewide. High school seniors of Portuguese descent are eligible to apply. Members encourage better education for youth and promote the study of the Portuguese language. Members sponsor citizen classes and naturalization ceremonies. As many as 13,000 new citizens are recorded.
Pride in Community Service Community Service
Members give countless hours in community service in churches, hospitals, schools, civic and fraternal organizations. Members take pride in the donations to charitable organizations, not only in hours of service, but in monetary donations. Members volunteer their time in schools, hospitals, civic and fraternal organizations. They serve as officers of their boards. Members have volunteered over 130,000 hours in a year.
Pride in Americanization Donations to Charities
With a keen sense of pride in these United States, members are actively involved weekly with naturalization ceremonies, as well as being responsible citizens giving a hand to others to be citizens. Significant sums are donated to countless charities. The clubs have donated more than $60,000 in a year.
Pride in a Dynamic Club  
Enjoy knowing that you belong to an organization making a difference in the community.  


Class of Membership: Active

Active membership shall be composed of persons who are residents of California, over 18 years of age, of Portuguese descent; or persons not of Portuguese descent, who are married to, or a registered domestic partner of, an active member over 18 years of age and residents of California at time of application.

Class of Membership: Affiliate

Affiliate membership shall be composed of persons who do not fully meet the membership requirements of an Active member, but wish to support the club. An Affiliate member shall be a resident of the United States of America. An Affiliate member may not be permitted to hold an office on the State Council, nor the position of District Governor. An Affiliate member may hold a subordinate club office, vote on subordinate club matters and serve as a subordinate club delegate at Annual and/or Special sessions. An Affiliate member must pay dues at the same rate of a subordinate club(s) Active Member in the subordinate club(s) for which the Affiliate member holds his/her membership(s).

Class of Membership: Student

Student membership shall be composed of scholarship awardees/recipients during the first year of attendance at a qualified Trade School, College or University. A Student member shall have the rights of an Active member except holding an elective office or voting. A Student member is invited to attend the Annual Sessions and State Board of Directors meetings. A Student member shall be a Student member in the club of the county nearest to the place where in which he/she resides at the time of receiving the award.

Class of Membership: Honorary

Honorary membership shall be composed of persons who do not fully meet the membership requirements of an Active member and who are not interested in becoming an Affiliate member. Honorary members shall have made outstanding contributions to the welfare and advancement of a Subordinate club or to the Portuguese in California. Honorary members shall have, without paying dues, all the rights of Active members, except holding elective office or voting.

If you would like to become a member in your represented community please complete the online application providing us with your contact information. This information will be forwarded to the club in your area. This will also help us reach you in case we have any questions.

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