Fall 2020

September 1, 2020

Hello Fellow Cabrillians:

My sincerest greetings to all of you during this difficult time. Our lives have all changed drastically since most of us saw one another at our 2019 State Convention in San Diego. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused all of us to live a life so much differently, without the ability to socialize and be active at our local Cabrillo Clubs and State level, as well. We certainly miss the opportunity to get together and work toward the many, great Cabrillo Civic Clubs’ causes.

Hopefully, in the near future we will once again have the opportunity to continue the Principles established by our founding forefathers who began our great civic organization.

On February 14th I traveled to Sacramento to attend the Valentine’s Dinner sponsored by Sacramento #5. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Past State President Scott Costa. Past State President Ken Costa was busy in the kitchen as head chef and Scott Costa was preparing the dinner with his volunteers. Everyone enjoyed socializing and listening to the two great musicians preforming before and after the delicious pork meal. For dessert I made a heart shaped wine cake for every table. I really enjoyed making these for everyone since I have been perfecting my recipe for a number of years. I truly enjoyed attending their event, their great hospitality and delicious food. Attending these events are the highlight of my Presidency so far.

On February 23rd I had the great honor of making that day a double whammy. I started by attending the linguica breakfast sponsored by Hilmar #30. I was accompanied by my granddaughter Brianna. This breakfast benefits their Scholarship Fund. It was a great morning, where I was welcomed by Hilmar #30 President Gerald Teran, Hilmar #30 Secretary Julie Teran, Manuel Drumonde and many others. After eating my first plate they wanted to continue to feed me more and more of their delicious breakfast. However, my granddaughter loved the pancakes so much she went back for seconds. For myself I knew I had to attend another event that same day so I wanted to leave room. They had a raffle and it was so great to see the youth joining together to serve and wait on each table. Before I left, I managed to have a photo taken with the Club Officers. Thank you for the invitation and good luck to you all in the future.

The two of us continued on down the road to the next event which was Kings County #9’s Membership Dinner in Hanford. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Kings #9 Treasurer Dolores Rocha and Past State President Marilyn Dutra. Director Cindy Rodriques was working hard in the kitchen as head chef. Everyone enjoyed visiting during the social hour and I tried to meet some of the members during that time. I had the pleasure of sitting with State Historian and Past State President Cheryl Borba and her husband Greg.

There were also a few members of the former Fresno #10, who had continued their membership with Kings #9. After the blessing of the meal by Cheryl Borba, we all enjoyed a delicious meal of meatloaf, along with various side dishes. We concluded with a raffle and of course farewell greetings. It was the most enjoyable afternoon and I appreciated my very talkative granddaughter and traveling companion keeping Avo awake on our journey back to Modesto.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Sacramento #5 Crab Dinner on March 7th, as that was the only day I could get help from family and friends to move into my new place. I sent my regrets to Sacramento #5 President Scott Costa, who was so understanding. Thank you so much Scott, I heard your event was a great success.

Well, after that day the rest is history. I have been, as well as others, under social isolation due to the Covid -19 pandemic. However, as long as we all stay safe and practice social distancing, we will see this to the end and be able to get together soon to make new memories. Together we will get through this.

Stay Healthy, Take Care, Be Safe & May God Bless you and your families.

Warmest Regards,

Richard J. Castro
2020 Cabrillo State President



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